Hi there! My name is Heather, and my husband Tom and I are owners of Lakebilly Pies. I’ve been baking since I was little, and have always found joy in giving loved ones and friends something delicious that I made from scratch. So much so that every holiday season I find something new and interesting to learn and try to master. A few years ago I tried my first pie and fell in love. I found myself reading and watching videos, tweaking my crust recipe and working through the various issues that would pop up while mastering pie making. After I dialed in my apple pie recipe I entered an apple pie competition and won! I was hooked.

I realized that I wanted to try and do something with my baking skills. I have had friends and family tell me before that I should try and sell my baked goods, but I always looked at it as my hobby. Then I heard about the Cottage Food Law in Illinois, which allows home bakers to bake in their home kitchens and sell at local farmers’ markets. Because of this law, we have had an avenue to turn my hobby and love for baking into a small business. Last summer we started selling at our local farmers’ market and it was a blast! We have now expanded a bit and bake part-time out of a local commercial kitchen. That means we are capable to do other events and catering in the area as well.

My husband is a brewer at a local brewpub and has the same love for baking as I do. We love to bake together. If we are not getting ready for a market day or fulfilling orders then we are practicing our baking skills. We are also working towards owning our own pie shop one day. If you see us at a market please come say hi and buy some pie!

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