I’m a believer in sharing passions. What is better than helping someone else master the trade you have put so much time into?

I want those who are interested in learning about pies and baking to study, experiment and figure out their own pie style.
I want others to love this process as much as I do.
I want others to love the feeling of pie dough in their hands.
I want others to make their first pie, and begin to problem solve when things don’t turn out perfect (it is my experience that imperfect pies, if there is such a thing, are also delicious. Just ask my family, they have eaten my pies as they have evolved).

I continue to soak up as much information as I can.  Everything I have gained thus far comes from my own curiosity, the willingness of others to share what they know, and—of course—trial and error. I figure that if there are more pie makers out there that’s more pie for everyone to enjoy. Let’s make the world a better place, one pie at a time!

parks and rec

Some have expressed their concerns to me. “Do you really want to share your recipes? What if someone takes them from you?” Well, first off, there are no secrets in my recipes. My pies are made from high quality ingredients and I am still learning to master the process. Anyone can do this, and there are many avenues to gain the knowledge needed.  I just want to be one of them.

In the coming months I plan to post when I can. So please, as I do, read about the knowledge I have gained, take my recipes, and make them your own. Oh, and if you don’t have enough time to make a pie, I’ll have one waiting for you at the famers’ market this summer.

-Heather, Lakebilly Pies

tom and heather
Lakebilly life, hanging with my husband, Tom.

1 Comments on “Pie Philosophy”

  1. There are many kinds of pies it comes in different flavor and taste it just like a snack some has the shape of a cake while others comes in any shape. They are four type of pie which are cream, fruit, custard and savory. Pies are made with different kind of design some are even made with icing sugar and butter. I love meat pie thanks for this article.


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